Thus beginns the medieval ballad, from whence Swedish folk music group Svanevit gets its name. The tale of Sven Svanevit takes place during the Middle Ages. In a world full of magic, mythical creatures and shining knights, Sven Svanevit rides towards adventure.

The tale of the Swedish folk music group Svanevit takes place in the here and now. It begins with four eminent Swedish folk musicians and their music. What they create is both new and modern and at the same time retrospective, drawing inspiration from the past. Each and every element of the music is filled with an anticipation and narrative zest that allows the tale to continue giving the sounds, magic and legends a chance to live on in our time.

The tale continues – listen and let the myth live!


Voice, mandola, mandoline

One of Sweden’s foremost folk singers and dance musicians, educated at the Malmö School of Music and the Sibelius Conservatory in Helsinki. Anders previously performed with B.A.R.K and Envisa; he now shares his time between Svanevit and teaching folk music at Malung and working with dance ensemble Sinkelipass.

Fiddle, recorder, folk flutes

Maria is also educated at Malmö and the Sibelius Conservatory. She was instrumental in founding the very successful folk music group Plommon and toured for many years throughout the Nordic countries as well as in Germany, Italy and the USA.

Harp, Säckpipa (Swedish bagpipes), skränpipa

Riksspelman and full-time musician who have concentrated on establishing the harp and the bagpipes in Swedish folk music. Erik used to perform with "Faust". Apart from Svanevit, he tours the US regularly with his folk music duo Dråm, which he has together with...


Nyckelharpa, Säckpipa, percussion

Anna is also riksspelman and can be heard in several ensembles. She and Erik were both educated at the Gothenburg School of Music and now works with medieval music ensembles Falsobordone and Compagnia della lauda and of course Dråm on an international basis.